Monday, March 24, 2008

The Shu Li Pouches

This is more information on the Shu Li Pouches. My husband ended up getting a very bad burn on his arm. At first I never saw it.But in the mean time that night he put 2 layers of white gauze on the burn and then a Shu Li pouch and bandaged it up. The next morning I was amazed how much that Shu Li Pouch had cured that burn.When I first saw it I said he should have went to the doctor with a burn that bad. Anyway the green puss and the very reddness had disappeared from his burn. That pouch healed his burn in a very short time.
One of my co-workers had a very bad shoulder and the doctor told her to see a theropest. So I gave her one of my Shu Li Pouches to try and the next day at work she saught me out and told me that was the first time she had slept all night for the past four years. So there you go folks first hand evidence from me on this Shu Li Pouches.