Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Natural Organic Herb Of Alfalfa

The Benefits Of The Natural
Organic Herb : Alfalfa
Used by the Chinese dates back to the 6th century.
Chinese healers used alfalfa to treat :kidney stones
& normal water retention.
First discovered by the Arabs, they dubted this valuable plant the
" Father Of All Foods".
The leaves of the alfalfa plant are rich in: Minerals such as ;
Minerals,Vitamins, calcium Blood purifier, Thyroid Support,
chloraphyll .
Also potassium & carotene to support the heart & normal cellular division.
The leaves contains 8 essential amino acids. This versatil herb is also folk remedy for joint stress & is reputed to be an "Excellent Appetite Stimulant "
and overall tonic.
Unfortunately, most westerners regard Alfalfa as Cattle Food. Not realizing all it's potential!!!
Useful Support Of:
Urinary tract health include Kidney,bladder & Prostrate.
Detoxifies the body, especially the Liver.
Alfalfa has estrogenic properties, therefore helps support the female cycle.
It lowers your cholestrol & is used in treating Arthritis symptoms.
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MARYYX said...

It is amazing what nature offers us, isn't it Elaine?

Of late, I have been really focused on making raw foods the mainstays of my diet and am so impressed with how quickly my health is improving.

Was feeling kind of down tonight, and the song that came on as I was viewing your blog really helped.
How did you do that, i.e. add the sound?